I am Agustín (ah-goo-steen).
Most people call me Augie.

I am a web developer with over 13 years of experience.
Cartoony self-portrait!

About Me

Over a decade ago, I got my start on the web helping designers bring their ideas to life as Flash animations. While I can’t say that I regret Flash’s demise, it was my gateway to web development and a good foundation for learning about motion design, object oriented programming concepts, and component-based development. Today, these concepts still serve me well – thanks to modern HTML, Javascript, and CSS all of it can be much more easily. I truly enjoy working out things in the DOM, and I like helping people understand problems with their sites as well. My framework of choice for starting projects is Zurb Foundation for Sites, and I am proud to say that as of version 6.3.1, I am officially a (small) contributor to Zurb’s Foundation for Sites.

Tech Stack

I remember the dark ages before today’s great libraries and build systems existed, but I certainly do not yearn for them. Today, I use SASS (I prefer the SCSS flavor) for my CSS, JSLint for hurting my feelings, GulpJS for projects. These are some of my favorite tools for making things.

  • NodeJS / NPM
  • Bower
  • GulpJS
  • jQuery
  • AngularJS
  • Handlebars
  • Zurb Panini
  • HAML
  • GreenSock GSAP
  • Three.js
  • Zurb Foundation
  • Twitter Bootstrap
  • Firebase
  • PHP
  • Apache