Controller Parts Fit Test

By Agustin March 29, 2011

Today I put together my Arduino Joystick shield, primarily to fulfill my desire to see this thing and push it’s buttons, but also to see how well the parts fit together and see if I can do this sort of thing with my mitts.

I read the guide on Sparkfun about putting it together, it is so sweet, with nice giant images and a fun writing style. It suggested putting everything together before you solder it to see any problems that might come up and make sure you have all the parts you should have.

It was fun, but my clumsy oafish hands were not so good at messing with the tiny pins. Fortunately Ana (my wife) is wicked smart and has super agile mini hands which she used to a) Get the joystick part into it’s place (you have to align 14 tiny pins!!!) and b) remind me that I have the best tool ever: