Arduino Hexbug Spider Version 1.3

By Agustin May 9, 2011

Quick update!

Not much new under the hood, except that I have tried to calculate the movements of the robot so that I can limit them to 60 degrees at a time(take ~340 ms) when it turns. Externally, I got it a new enclosure ( a index card holder, lol!) and new feet because it needed traction.



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Hailey says

So what exactly do you plan to do with this project when you are done? Are you going to make more and sell them? That would be awesome! Sorry if you already said the answer somewhere, I have not looked through everything yet. I am a big hexbug fan, and I think what you are doing is awesome!

Hailey says

Sure, you can post that list. That would be really cool! Yeah, I have seen that spider before. But I still like the Hexbug's model, even if they did take the design.

Hailey says

Thanks for puttin that up
And yeah, Hexbug should of atleast asked or something. He could of patented it so maybe that could not. :(