Learning the Ropes

By Agustin April 11, 2011

Today I had a fun session of messing with the Arduino which happily did not end in anything catching on fire, which is always good! Today I did a few tutorials on how to plug in a few different components(motor, transisitor, diode), as well as how to control them with Arduino. Also super fun was using the joystick shield to control the playback of a simple song played with a piezo element. I didn’t write it, but I wired it all up using the kit I got and just put the code I found online on the Arduino and it was all good! My lab assistant thought it was very fun to play with. Anyway, here is a brief gallery with some of the things I made. Descriptions in slideshow.

[nggallery id=”5″]


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The wife says

Very cool to see project assembly, even cooler that father and son work together.